Q & A

Who are crossbow sales solutions?

Crossbow Sales Solutions are a Third Party Sales Agency operating within the Sporting Industry across Australia.

Who are crossbow sales solutions mainly aligned with?

Predominantly Crossbow Sales Solutions work with the leading clubs, venues and governing bodies of the four football codes played in Australia.

What do crossbow sales solutions help secure for their corporate clients?

Crossbow Sales Solutions focus on a range of club owned and controlled inventory. This includes securing Naming Rights Partnerships, the sale of Apparel Sponsorships, as well as LED and/or Scrolling Signage.

Why is crossbow sales solutions any different to other third party sales agencies?

Crossbow Sales Solutions charge no consulting fees and no ongoing retainers. There are also no operating expenses that are passed onto the client.

How do crossbow sales solutions ensure your brand is protected?

Crossbow Sales Solutions operate exclusively within the guidelines and parameters of the client. No club is spoken to, and no opportunity is explored without prior knowledge and consent of the client. Finally the client has complete transparency throughou

How do crossbow sales solutions go about securing the right opportunities for their clients?

Once parameters are set, Crossbow Sales Solutions conduct a thorough Research phase, identifying appropriate prospects, and exploring any and all opportunities within the sporting codes and clubs of most interest to the client. Once the business developme

How accessible are crossbow sales solution?

The Director of Crossbow Sales Solutions is available at all times and can be contacted on 0404 267 430 or at [email protected].